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It is a process…it has to happen

We were about 20 in class, when Peter kept reminding us that everything in life is the process and that the process has to happen. He said it so many times that we ended joining him every moment he mentioned the word "process". I have to a emit, I did not understand...

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Have you ever wondered why at times things go their own way?

For many years I wondered why things were not going as I hoped I continued being miserable and unhappy. Have you ever experience such a moment? Worse, as I grew older - the misery and unhappiness increased. Slowly crashing every bit of hope I had for a better...

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“Count your blessings”…so I heard

How many times have you been told or hear people say "count your blessings?"   As I grew older, I heard that couple of times. At first it did not make any sense as there was not much for me to count. Until I heard it again "count your blessings" that is when guilt hit...

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