We were about 20 in class, when Peter kept reminding us that everything in life is the process and that the process has to happen. He said it so many times that we ended joining him every moment he mentioned the word “process“. I have to a emit, I did not understand what he meant by “it is a process”, worse – I could not explain what exactly did I not understand about “a process” which made it a bit difficult for me to even as a question “what is the process?”

While trying to understand Peter and “the process”… I knew in my that I was going through some kind of a “process” that was so uncomfortable and all I wanted was for “the process” to end. I had resigned and had started the journey of following my heart – which was all a mystery; having no clue where I was or where I was heading, with a lot of fear and anxiety – I was scared. The other question I had for Peter was; is it normal to be scared with so much fear and anxiety during the process? Again, I did not have the guts to ask Peter as my “classmates” seemed to have it all while I was confused and trying to make sense of “the process”.

“It is just a process; as you move from one phase to another of the process – it will feel so uncomfortable” Peter elaborated even further. “It has to happen” he said. Now I know – “It is just a process and it has to happen”. Thanks to Peter for sharing his wisdom. Many times in life, we go through situations or circumstances that all we hope for is for it to end as they are so uncomfortable and at times with couple of sleepless nights and shared tears there and there. “It is just a process and it has to happen”… as the process started, there should be the end. Between the start and end there will be decisions and actions taken which make one to realize the end phase (which feels so good) or to travel around and round in circle between the start and the end (which hurts).

“Everything is a process in life and it has to happen”.  Only those with courage, persistence and perseverance get to learn positive lessons and realize the end of the process. They then realize that this is part of life, it is continuous. As one gets to the end of a process, they then long and thirst for a start of a new process; as they continue growing from one level to another; one strength to another…

Everything in life is a process and it has to happen…it is a process

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