For many years I wondered why things were not going as I hoped for…as I continued being miserable and unhappy. Have you ever experience such a moment?

Worse, as I grew older – the misery and unhappiness increased. Slowly crashing every bit of hope I had for a better tomorrow. Everything seemed to be going so wrong; career, personal development, health, finance, relationship and spirituality. My persistence and perseverance being tested as I faced challenge after another in every context of my life.

I had to ask a question – “what is wrong with me?” and I found all the reasons; my family background, government my ex etc. How often dow e ask the right question – “what is wrong with me?” but put our energy on the wrong answers and things we cannot change. Anyway, I had the answers but they did not brush off any of my misery and unhappiness while the negative emotions continued piling up; anger, fear, sadness, hurt and guilt.

I remember the day I asked the question one more time, just one more time – “what is wrong with me?”This time I had to focus on me;

  • I adopted values, norms and patterns that were not serving me

  • I had believes that were limiting my potential and the greatness within me

  • With a heavy burden within me; anger, fear, sadness, hurt and guilt

Wow! it felt so great having back full responsibility and control of my life with so much hope for a better tomorrow; without denying the fact that my background and experience contributed to all these. My world changed completely and it is getting better every day. May be that all you need; change your thinking pattern, change your world. Now

  • My values, norms and patterns serve me

  • My belief spark the greatness within me

  • My emotions serve me and I become a better person every day

Only if we can learn the positive lessons from our past, our backgrounds, our experiences and our mistakes – and start doing things differently. Surely, a bit of persistence and perseverance will be required but the meaning, significance and inner fulfillment will outweigh it all.

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