How many times have you been told or hear people say “count your blessings?”


As I grew older, I heard that couple of times. At first it did not make any sense as there was not much for me to count. Until I heard it again “count your blessings” that is when guilt hit me. I had to count my blessings with the hope that shame of not counting will vanish. I was fearful of the consequence of not going the counting; fearing the unknown.


I have to admit, I felt much better for counting my blessing until I start realizing how much I lacked. None of the thing I had were enough – then misery of not having enough started haunting me. Is there every such thing as enough? I wondered. Counting my blessings made me even more aware of the things I lacked; lack of finance, lack of education; lack of food; lack of happiness; lack of peace…I just had enough and I could not take it any more! May be it just takes a bit of time for other things to make sense.


“Be patient and persist. Life is not much about what you accomplish as for what you overcome”

Robin Roberts


As I mature, I then realized that in counting my blessings; I missed the greatest blessing of them all – I missed myself and kept counting the things outside me. I completely missed the things within me; my spiritual, intellectual and physical blessings. The blessings given equally to all of us despite our differences. I was not even aware of my gifts and talents, hence they never featured on my list of blessings – let alone reason for my existence in this world. I missed them all!


As you do your counting, remember your spiritual, intellectual and physical being; remember your gifts and talents. These are the greatest and most valuable of them all. They are the reasons for your existence in this world. By the way, no body can every take them away from you. The inner fulfillment, significance and meaning I get from these blessings give me so much hope for a better tomorrow.

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