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Easily package, deploy and maintain applications – Cloud, Container, Virtual Machine

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The Bitnami Application Catalog contains a growing list of 140+ trusted, pre-packaged applications and development runtimes ready-to-run anywhere. Quickly and easily deploy and maintain your favorite applications.

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Leverage the end-to-end automation platform that powers the Bitnami application catalog to build, secure, publish and update your applications. Accelerate software delivery and simplify cloud migration in your organization.


“I love the Bitnami guys. They make it dead
simple for anybody to run an application
in the cloud.”

“Working with Bitnami, Oracle now enables customers to immediately take advantage of a large library of ready-to-run enterprise application images on the Oracle Compute Platform.”

“Since Bitnami partnered with Microsoft Azure, they have helped hundreds of organizations deploy applications and accounted for significant increases in Microsoft Azure compute hours each and every month.”

Dr. Werner Vogels 
Amazon VP CTO 

Sanjay Sinha 
Vice President, Platform Products, Oracle 

Gianugo Rabellino 
Director of Accessibility, Cloud+Enterprise Division, Microsoft 

Benefits of Bitnami


Bitnami builds and maintains over 140+ server applications and development stacks, with thousands of package updates per year, and over 1 million Bitnami deployments every month.

Up to Date

Bitnami simplifies the process of monitoring and maintaining your application images by automatically tracking package updates, patches and security vulnerabilities for all of your software.

Easy to Use

Leverage simple web UIs to build and launch Bitnami packaged applications through our curated cloud provider catalogs or using the Bitnami application automation platform.


Bitnami applications and stacks are preconfigured and ready-to-use immediately on any platform.

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