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Coding isn’t just for the supergeeks anymore–getting a little code under your belt is an incredibly valuable skill for marketers and any other members of a business team. You can:

  • Use HTML to fine-tune some wonky text paragraphs. Even the smallest bit of HTML knowledge can be helpful when dealing with finicky content management systems.
  • Communicate better with your company’s programmers. Maybe you don’t need to be a programming pro yourself, but having basic code literacy will help you relate to the coders in your workplace and better understand how and why bugs occur.

What We Offer

Choosing the right course can make all the difference.

1. CodeX open courseware

MIT offers free course content available for you to browse through at your leisure. Choose from courses such as:

2. CodeX Platform

Students can choose from several different track courses, focusing on:

  • JavaScript
  • PHP
  • Python
  • jQuery
  • Ruby
  • HTML + CSS

3. Codex Academy

One of the original free online coding resources, CodeX Academy has come a long way. With easy-to-follow course sections with step-by-step video tutorials, CodeX Academy is a great place to get started with your coding career.

4. CodeX HTML5 Rocks

With Google pro contributors bringing you the latest updates, resource guides, and slide decks for all things HTML5.

The language tends to be higher level, so it’s probably more suited to those with some previous experience. However, ambitious newbies are still welcome.

6. Codex Vid 

CodeX Vid offers a ton of great video courses on everything from personal improvement to computer programming. Most of the in-depth courses come with a cost, but there are often discounts and 50 percent coupons floating around the Web that can bring down prices.

Teacher Training

CodeX Treehouse helps you pick a learning track and follow through. With videos, quizzes, and challenges, there is plenty here to keep you busy. They also help teach you about freelancing and business strategies so you can make the most of your new education.

Our Most Popular Courses

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What People Are Saying

After being a stay at home mom for 12 years, I decided to make a dream come true and become educated in Medical Billing and Coding. After doing some research, I found Melody Irvine. I knew immediately she would be the person that would teach me everything I would need to know.

At first, I was uneasy on how I was going to tackle my busy household, classes and homework. Mel’s on-line teaching, her organization, and the way she describes each step, made it easier for my busy life. She is an expert! Mel is always there for her students, during and after class times.

Linda S.

For many years I had worked in medical offices in various front office roles. When my last employer retired, I was unsuccessful in a job search, either because I felt over-qualified or I didn’t have the credentials. I researched options of learning medical coding, including looking at schools offering 2-year programs. When I checked into Melody’s website and spoke with Melody regarding her school at Career Coders, I clearly knew it was the best choice for me.

Ashley T.

I feel the instructor has been extremely knowledgable, and has responded in a timely manner with questions, assignments and exams.

Traci J.

I feel that all of it is a help. I am returning to work soon. I hope to register for another related course. Thanks. This is helpful, and affordable.

David Cole, Monarch

Elevate Your Career

As employees seek to strengthen their identity in the workplace they must find ways to make an immediate impact for the betterment of the company as well as themselves.  This requires a commitment to share your voice with others so that your influence can be naturally felt throughout your team, your department and the organization.   Strengthening your identity is not a self-serving act, but rather a responsibility to those that you serve.

Free Courses

With these free, online graphic design courses from CodeX, you will gain valuable skills needed to enter the field of graphic design or further your present career.

Premium Courses

Students will learn graphic design tools such as freeform animation and motion in Autodesk Character Studio, Google Sketchup, Adobe Photoshop CS6.

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